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Something Now - The WayOutz (1999)

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Something Now was recorded by The WayOutz, a group where everybody in the band sings and writes songs. Scott 'Scooby' Damgaard is on rhythm guitar, Tom 'Spanky' Abbott is on bass guitar, Rich 'Lance' Mirsky is on lead guitar, and Lenny 'Butch' Scolletta is on Drums. Tom, Rich and Lenny all backed Scott Damgaard on his Dreams of Children album, and during those days they were also part of his touring band. The WayOutz actually existed before that era, with someone else on rhythm guitar, but when they reunited for this album, they invited Damgaard to join the group. All four WayOutz wrote and sang songs for this sixteen song album, and in case you were wondering, yes, all of the WayOutz play their instruments.

Here's what Music Critic Joe Viglione had to say about Something Now:

Psychedelic is the mantra here on this very cool recording by Boston area band Wayoutz, from the glorious eight-page photo booklet drenched in pastels to the 16 selections of explosively fun garage rock.

Scott Damgaard's "Galaxies Away" is the longest song at seven-plus minutes, and is one of the CD's highlights with its pop aggression and spacy sounds. The beauty of this collection is that these clever guys are never redundant, and the material comes off with a freshness and an "I don't care" attitude that is the opposite of what is really going on.

The fact that they do care is displayed by their in-tune backing vocals, Lenny Scoletta's solid early-Charlie Watts' drumbeat, and their ability to take a topic that seems unbelievably silly, as Rich Mirsky does on "Donuts R Life," and make it work.

It's quite a bit of material to tackle in one setting and keep the listener's attention, but as they shift alternative rock genres from sunshine to British pop, the music here keeps reinventing itself.

The smart guitar riff of bassist Tom Abbott's "Clover" is a contrast to the driving cover of Lennon and McCartney's "And Your Bird Can Sing," while his "Path of Wire" sounds like a second cousin to Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot."

With bubbling precision they somehow keep the fun quotient up, "Memories of the Future" another science-fiction epic from Damgaard, again injecting that happy-cosmic element back into the mix.

There's a hidden bonus tune not listed in the tracking on the CD, Tom Abbott's "Drag Race in Outta Space" in MP3 format, and also a CD-ROM portion that includes photos, lyrics, bios, and related items. Something Now is an ambitious project that is light years beyond what many Boston bands were releasing at the end of the 1990s, and is highly recommended.

~ Joe Viglione, All Music Guide


Recorded at Kissy Pig Studio, Allston, MA
Engineered and Mixed by Colman Hennessy
Mastered by Bill Ryan and Colman Hennessy at Ryan Music Industries, Sturbridge, MA
Sleeve Design and Graphics by Steve Scolletta
Photographs by Laura Lakeway

Dedicated to the Flying Saucer Pilots Association
Special Thanks to K.R. Mogenson, Lemons never forget!

The WayOutz are:
Scott 'Scooby' Damgaard on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom 'Spanky' Abbott on Vocals and Bass Guitar
Rich 'Lance' Mirsky on Vocals and Lead Guitar
Lenny 'Butch' Scolletta on Vocals and Drums

Track Listing: Track #., Song Title, (Songwriter)

1. Something Now (Richard Mirsky)
2. Baby It's Raining Millionaires (Tom Abbott)
3. I Was (Scott Damgaard)
4. Terry Smiles (Lenny Scolletta and Tom Abbott)
5. Dear John (Richard Mirsky)
6. Last Remaining Girl In Massachusetts (Tom Abbott)
7. Galaxies Away (Scott Damgaard)
8. Donuts R Life (Richard Mirsky)
9. Accidents (Lenny Scolletta)
10. Clover (Tom Abbott)
11. Memories Of The Future (Scott Damgaard)
12. Path Of Wire (Tom Abbott)
13. Ballad Of Charlie Harvey (Scott Damgaard)
14. And Your Bird Can Sing (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)
15. I Quit (Richard Mirsky)
16. Angel At My Window (Lenny Scolletta and Tom Abbott)
17. (Bonus Track) Drag Race In Outta Space (Tom Abbott)


Band Name: The WayOutz

'On The Town With Mikey Dee'
Performed Live on WMFO Radio, 91.5 in Medford, MA
September 20, 2000

These are live recordings from a radio show The WayOutz played on September 20, 2000. The song titles with active links are the ones Scott sang with the band, The WayOutz

These are Real Audio files and require a Real Audio Player

Some of my own songs:
Alright Tonight
Ballad of Charlie Harvey
I Was
Memories of the Future

Richard Mirsky had a cold,
so I got to sing some of his songs:

I Quit
Dear John

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